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I have totally forgot to show you this jacket that i got from Britt, I'm so in love with it. Every time I was at her house I would always touch it and look at it and before I moved I helped her clean out her closet and she gave it to me. I am beyond thankful because I'm so in love with it and have already used it a lot as you probably can see in my earlier posts. 

Newwww - clothes

Purple bodysuit from Tillys, Nude 3/4 sleeve shirt from Forever 21. 

Lace bodysuit from Styles for less. It is all lace in the back which I love about it.

T-shirt and striped croptop from Ever, yellow/brown croptop from Forever 21.

Cuz everyone need some red in their life, from VS.

Brown romper from Ever.

White croptop and earrings from H&M.

SO in love with this sportsbra, from H&M. My new fave. 

I bought all of this like last month but yeah since I haven't been blogging, here it is! 

LIB - day 1 outfit



Shorts - Abercrombie, Jacket - JC, - Top - Rue 21

Today I didn't have anything planned except for an Aupair meeting that was at 7, I finally, after 6(!!) months, got to meet other au pairs. They all seemed really nice and hopefully I can get to know them better. I slept in today and walked around in my pj's all day and just threw this on before I left to go to the meeting.

Casual Tuesday

(+Vans) Tröja - Gina Tricot / Shorts - Express / Ryggsäck - H&M

Casual Saturday

Linne & Shorts - Bikbok / Glajjer - JC