28 september

Two months has passed since my last post. I've been up to a lot of stuff since you heard from me last. I got my phone stolen along with my drivers license and debit card, idiots. I've had my parents here and we've been traveling around. Spent two days with them here in Vegas at Ballys then we drove to Mammoth lake and spent one night there. After that we spent a whole day at Yosemite national park and after that we drove up to San Fransisco. I only spent one night there before I flew down to SLO for the weekend. The fam also came to slo for one night and then we spent a couple of nights in LA before we separated again. Another hard goodbye with no idea of when I get to see them next time. Down in LA we went to Hollywood, Universal studios and an amusement park aswell. Had so much fun with them and my bbybrother. I'm gonna try and set up some posts for you guys with pictures for you guys. xoxo/O 


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