Newww in - beauty

Catching up on stuff I haven't showed you. This is a lot of new stuff I've got on the beauty front. Any questions about anything or about any colors, drop a comment and I'll get back to you!

Vacay part 2, SF-LA

Okay, are you guys ready for part 2 now? After Yosemite, we drove up to San Fransisco. I only spent 1 night there before I flew down to SLO friday morning to spend a couple of extra days with my friends, what we did? We drank, and drank and then drank some more. My family came down to SLO on that monday and stayed one night and we went out to dinner at the new SLO Brew, I liked it a lot and I can't belive I lived in that beautiful little town, it's a second home for sure and I can't wait to go back already. 

After my parents stayed in SLO for one night it was time for us to drive down to LA. The first day we went to Universal studios:

I'm gonna try and put together a movie from all the clips that I filmed with my gopro aswell, but that'll have to wait. That's enough pictures from Universal. We also rented a Mustang and drove around in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica and Venice Beach and the last night we went out for dinner in Manhattan beach. I had so much fun with my family and I already miss them like crazy. 

It was a really hard an emotional goodbye once again. Just the fact that I have absolutely no clue of when I'm going to see them again makes everything so much harder. We separated on the shuttle to the airport and I could not hold back the tears when they got off. The worst part is missing out on my babybrother growing up, he has already gotten sooo big and it had only been 8 months. I 'm still not sure about my future or when I'm going back to Sweden, but I really do love it in the states and I got 3 different places I call home. Slo, Vegas and Sweden. 

Vacay part 1, Vegas - Yosemite

Prepare yourself for pictures in this post.. My whole vacay with my family is coming up but I have too much pictures so I have to make it in Part 1 and part 2.. Part 1 is starting with our 2 nights in Vegas, staying at Ballys where we were drinking and playing by the pool, went up the linq, walked the strip and watched the fountains, went out to dinner and went shopping at the outlets among other things.

After our two days in Vegas, we drove up to Mammoth lake and stayed one night there. I just have to say it was incredibly beautiful and I will for sure go snowboarding there one day. I have to, it was so pretty. 

After Mammoth lake, we drove to Yosemite;

Okay, this is all for now.. Vacay part 1, from Vegas to Yosemite. Part 2 from SF-LA coming up soon on le blog!


Newwww - clothes

Purple bodysuit from Tillys, Nude 3/4 sleeve shirt from Forever 21. 

Lace bodysuit from Styles for less. It is all lace in the back which I love about it.

T-shirt and striped croptop from Ever, yellow/brown croptop from Forever 21.

Cuz everyone need some red in their life, from VS.

Brown romper from Ever.

White croptop and earrings from H&M.

SO in love with this sportsbra, from H&M. My new fave. 

I bought all of this like last month but yeah since I haven't been blogging, here it is! 

LIB - day 1 outfit



This weekend I went to Life is beautiful, a festival here in Vegas. I saw Major Lazer, G-easy, Mija, J-cole, Iration, Flume and a bunch of other. I had so much fun and I'm so happy my friends convinced me to go. Here is some pictures from the weekend, lots of love♥ ;


28 september

Two months has passed since my last post. I've been up to a lot of stuff since you heard from me last. I got my phone stolen along with my drivers license and debit card, idiots. I've had my parents here and we've been traveling around. Spent two days with them here in Vegas at Ballys then we drove to Mammoth lake and spent one night there. After that we spent a whole day at Yosemite national park and after that we drove up to San Fransisco. I only spent one night there before I flew down to SLO for the weekend. The fam also came to slo for one night and then we spent a couple of nights in LA before we separated again. Another hard goodbye with no idea of when I get to see them next time. Down in LA we went to Hollywood, Universal studios and an amusement park aswell. Had so much fun with them and my bbybrother. I'm gonna try and set up some posts for you guys with pictures for you guys. xoxo/O