My weekend has been really fun, I've been working but still going out and doing stuff during the night. Friday Dez and Legacy picked me up after I went to the gym and did back, we went to In n out then bowling with a bunch of guys and you know what? I actually killed it. I suck at bowling yet I'm always winning, if you've ever seen me bowl you would get what I'm talking about. After bowling we went and got some alcohol and went to Destinys house and played drinking games and everyone got so drunk and it was so much fun. Got home at 7 in the morning and sat outside and watched the sunrise. So pretty♥

Saturday I was working aaaaall day then I got convinced to go to Trilogy of terror and do the gates of hell and I've never been so scared in my life. Before you go in, you have to sign a paper which says that they are aloud to touch you, chock you and some other shit. I was soooo scared but still glad I made it through. After that we went to a little kickback and just chilled, it was a good weekend! xoxo


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