A week at IAE has passed and I have to say I was pretty chocked when I got there. I thought it would be waaaay harder, my only problem is the grammar. My teacher told me the first day that I sound like a native speaker and that I write fluently. It's just when we have grammar tests that I actually have to use my brain and focus. It is a lot of fun people tho and really nice to meet people from all over the world even if most of them are from Brazil and Asia.  I am just about to do some homework right now, I have to write an English essay and I also have to develop a marketing plan and I think I'm gonna do it on opening my own makeup studio! I've also started to look into colleges around to get into business school, we will see how that will go so far my goal is to start in 1-2 years to get a major in business, hopefully I can either study here in Vegas or somewhere in Cali. Now I gotta get back to writing I'll keep you lovies updated. Kiss and hugs ♥ 


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