2 movies that I put together after I was in Hawaii. I was on the big island and lived in Kailua Kona. Pretty much all I did was to go snorkeling, I was a fish when I was there. All of my free time was spent in the water when I wasn't working. I went swimming with wild spinner dolphins, and they really are such beautiful creatures. I was truly amazed with it. Night snorkeling with manta rays definitely gave me a rush. They came so close that they touched you. To be honest I really was freaking out at first but then I started to laugh and smile like a freak when I actually realized how cool it was. Anyways, hope you liked the movies and remember I'm not a pro at editing or filming, I'm just playing around in gopro studios. Lots of love♥

Magic sands beach, I lived a 15 minute walk from this beautiful beach. It's called magic sands cause apparently there's only sand there a couple of months every year, I don't remember exactly what months but the other months there's no sand there at all. That's why it's called magic beach and it was sooo beautiful.

When I was snorkeling and swimming with the wild spinner dolphins, how beautiful?

Snorkeling at Captain Cooks monument, soooo pretty out there. Best snorkeling place I was at.

I got my nails done before the trip and as I was jumping off the boat on this snorkeling trip my finger got stuck on a rope and I ripped my nail off, including half of my real nail. It was a real pain and I got a little scared there for a while that I would attract sharks haha, but I didn't get eaten luckily!

Snorkeling and exploring at Four Seasons resort in Hulalai, so much turtles everywhere. They're sooo cool and chill haha. This place was truly beautiful but it was hard to get out in the water to snorkel because it's rocks everywhere and pretty much no sand at all in the water.


Up close with the manta rays, how cool?

This island still has an active volcano and that's why it's all black rocks everywhere, it's made out of dried lava. /View from the balcony of the house we stayed in.

Sunset at Magic Sands beach. Breathtaking.


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