30 juli

So I've been going to the gym and chillin' by the pool lately on my days off, that's pretty much what I do. Now there's something wrong with the pool so I'll have to wait a couple of weeks which sucks since it's to hot to be outside unless you're in a pool haha.. I've got some fun plans coming up for next week but I can't telll you about that yet. First I have a weekend of work to get through and some more hours at the gym. I'm gonna try to go to the mall later today to do some shopping, after that I will prepare some posts for you for next week with what I bought. Hugs to ya'll! ♥

6 emotional months

Six months ago, I was standing at the airport crying together with my best friends. I can't believe it's been half a year since I saw them, since I saw my family. 10 months, since I saw my older brother. 2015 was probably the worst year in my life. I went through so much and was in a really bad place in life, but I got through it thanks to my friends. On the night between 2nd-3rd of September 2015 was the night I was assaulted, beaten up and almost raped. It was a long way back after that and that's also what made me take this decision to move all the way over here. Today I'm so glad I did. I have grown so much as a person and gotten so much stronger and more independent. It hasn't been easy, at all. But now I'm so glad I have found a family that actually feels like family, and a second home. That I can be open and honest with, and most important be myself with.

SLO is a second home to me, it is the place that I fell in love with after meeting all the people there. It's not a second home because I lived with a family there, it's a second home because that's where all of my new friends is. I'm so thankful for all of the friends that I've made living there. Friends that I made by myself. As an au pair, you're supposed to get support from your LCC and host family to meet friends and to get to know people. I wasn't introduced to pretty much a single person in my age living there. This has made me realize that I should be proud of myself. Looking back at what I've achieved and accomplished during my journey so far really makes me realize how proud I am over myself. I still have a long way to go but I finally feel like I'm in a right place.  And the biggest thank you to all of my friends who has helped me through everything. I love you all, so so so much.♥



2 movies that I put together after I was in Hawaii. I was on the big island and lived in Kailua Kona. Pretty much all I did was to go snorkeling, I was a fish when I was there. All of my free time was spent in the water when I wasn't working. I went swimming with wild spinner dolphins, and they really are such beautiful creatures. I was truly amazed with it. Night snorkeling with manta rays definitely gave me a rush. They came so close that they touched you. To be honest I really was freaking out at first but then I started to laugh and smile like a freak when I actually realized how cool it was. Anyways, hope you liked the movies and remember I'm not a pro at editing or filming, I'm just playing around in gopro studios. Lots of love♥

Magic sands beach, I lived a 15 minute walk from this beautiful beach. It's called magic sands cause apparently there's only sand there a couple of months every year, I don't remember exactly what months but the other months there's no sand there at all. That's why it's called magic beach and it was sooo beautiful.

When I was snorkeling and swimming with the wild spinner dolphins, how beautiful?

Snorkeling at Captain Cooks monument, soooo pretty out there. Best snorkeling place I was at.

I got my nails done before the trip and as I was jumping off the boat on this snorkeling trip my finger got stuck on a rope and I ripped my nail off, including half of my real nail. It was a real pain and I got a little scared there for a while that I would attract sharks haha, but I didn't get eaten luckily!

Snorkeling and exploring at Four Seasons resort in Hulalai, so much turtles everywhere. They're sooo cool and chill haha. This place was truly beautiful but it was hard to get out in the water to snorkel because it's rocks everywhere and pretty much no sand at all in the water.


Up close with the manta rays, how cool?

This island still has an active volcano and that's why it's all black rocks everywhere, it's made out of dried lava. /View from the balcony of the house we stayed in.

Sunset at Magic Sands beach. Breathtaking.


Smashbox - Full exposure, waterproof mascara


This waterproof mascara is one of the best ones I've ever tried. I had it on while I was boating. I got pushed into the water multiple times, jumped from the boat into the water multiple times and I even jumped off a cliff and the mascara still looked good when I got home 8 hours later. After a whole day on the lake, I just love it. Usually most waterproof mascaras are such a pain to wash off but this wasnt. This mascara contains an oil that makes it just as easy as a normal mascara to wash off. (If you're having a hard time getting a mascara off, take som olive oil on a cotton pad and rub gently.) The mascara makes your lashes get great lenght and volume without clumps and gives you a perfect natural look. LOVE IT! 5/5


Stila - Stay all day, waterproof liquid eyeliner


Usually I like to do my eyeliner with a brush, but this is really a good one if you like pencils. It doesn't lie when it says that it stays on ALL day, I wore this one to the lake too and it stayed on perfectly. I didn't have a wing when I was on the lake but when I was up all night at a party it stayed on perfectly and the wing was still on fleek when I got home 11 hours later. I really recommend these waterproof products. 5/5 stars!

Lake Mead

I went boating the other day at Lake Mead and it was so much fun. Made a quick edit of some of the videos I recorded that day. You got some of the pictures below. I'm going out on the lake tomorrow again with the same squad to EBC. Kinda the same thing as EDC, but with boats. I'm super excited about it! Will be out there from like 3pm-sunrise so wish me luck. Take care! xoxo




Shorts - Abercrombie, Jacket - JC, - Top - Rue 21

Today I didn't have anything planned except for an Aupair meeting that was at 7, I finally, after 6(!!) months, got to meet other au pairs. They all seemed really nice and hopefully I can get to know them better. I slept in today and walked around in my pj's all day and just threw this on before I left to go to the meeting.

New swimwear

New in from Hollister, one bikini top and 3 bottoms, such a catch. Got them all together for like 25 bucks. Totally worth it and I absolutely loooove the detailed back on the black simple top which makes it so easy to match with a colorful bottom. Love!


 (I couldn't get vdeofy.me to work so now I'm uploading all of my videos through youtube instead, feel free to subscribe on my user. Otherwise I will post all of my videos on my blog so you dont miss them!) Sorry about the bad quality on the video too, I'm uploading these videos that I've posted on my instagram so it's instagram quality. Check them out there to on @oliviahermansson♥

My first 4th of July was a BLAST. I made an edit and I'm still learning to deal with everything in all different kinds of programs so keep that in mind and don't hate on it! I went to a beach called Pirates with a bunch of friends and I had so much fun. I can't wait til' next year already.. Enjoy! xx



Hey babes!

I'm trying to get you some catching up posts but for.me isn't exactly cooperating with me at the moment. For some reason it won't show my videos that I upload from videofy.me so if anyone might know what the problem is or how it can be solved, I'll be forever grateful for your help!

However, I though I would have a little question/answering session so now is your chance, anonymous or not anonymous ask whatever questions you want and I'll make a Q/A post. Fire away with your questions, the post will be up in a couple of days as soon as I've got enough questions! xoxo




Soooo, I've decided to start to write in english. Just because then my american friends can read it without having to use google translate every fucking time haha. This post is about my trip to Alaska which I did with my previous host fam. I got the chance to go snowboarding at Alyeska resort and I have to say it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The slopes, the views, everything. Definitely one of the most beautiful places I've ever been and ever been snowboarding at. It gave me quite a workout, my legs were sooo sore after all the snowboarding since that was pretty much the only thing I did when I had free time. So glad I got that opportunity. We stayed about an hour outside of Anchorage in a house that we rented like a 20 minute walk from the resort and that's pretty much all I know about Alaska. We also went to a place to see bears, mooses (which I have walking on the street back home btw) and some other animals that had been rescued and taken care of at this place. So nice and so much fun. Now to the pics;








Lite bilder från senaste tiden i San Luis Obispo, aka Slo.

Thank you Slo, for letting me get to know all of these amazing, wonderful people. I'm so thankful and happy for all of the people that I've met along the way on my journey so far. I love you all and I'm gonna miss you all so so so much. See you all soon! xoxo

Back on track! 14 juli

Hallå allesammans!

Det var inte igår.. Jag tänker försöka ta tag i bloggandet igen då det är hur många som helst som har bett mig. Så, vad har hänt sen sist? Jag har varit i Alaska, på en formal i Vegas, Santa Barbara och Hawaii och nu har jag även flyttat till självaste Las Vegas. Jag trivs som fisken i vattnet här med den nya familjen och det kunde inte kännas bättre. Här tar jag hand om 3 barn, Victoria som är 7, Bobby som är 4 och Logan som är 1. Jag har köpt en Gopro för inte så längesen som jag älskar och har haft med mig överallt. Jag ska försöka göra i ordning lite inlägg åt er från mina resor som en liten recap på de senaste månaderna jag har varit borta från bloggandet. Just nu rullar livet på med massa träning och jag har mer motivation än någonsin, vilket känns fruktansvärt roligt! Saknar alla mina älsklingar i Slo men i September blir det en resa dit och vem vet, kanske nån snabb visit innan dess också. Nu ska jag försöka sortera alla 10 000 filmer/bilder från senaste tiden så jag kan göra i ordning lite inlägg åt er. Hadeee