Happy thoughts


A week at IAE has passed and I have to say I was pretty chocked when I got there. I thought it would be waaaay harder, my only problem is the grammar. My teacher told me the first day that I sound like a native speaker and that I write fluently. It's just when we have grammar tests that I actually have to use my brain and focus. It is a lot of fun people tho and really nice to meet people from all over the world even if most of them are from Brazil and Asia.  I am just about to do some homework right now, I have to write an English essay and I also have to develop a marketing plan and I think I'm gonna do it on opening my own makeup studio! I've also started to look into colleges around to get into business school, we will see how that will go so far my goal is to start in 1-2 years to get a major in business, hopefully I can either study here in Vegas or somewhere in Cali. Now I gotta get back to writing I'll keep you lovies updated. Kiss and hugs ♥ 

Victor & Rolf - Flowerbomb


So the other day I was having a really bad day so I do what I always do, I go to ULTA or Sephora and spend money... But it was actually something I needed since I ran out of my perfume a couple weeks ago. This is a new scent that's just out and I saw it the moment I walked in and as soon as I tried it I was absolutely sold! Sooooo whenever you see me in the future I'll smell like a Flowerbomb!

 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ /♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

hearts yeeeeeeeeees

Just a little catch-up

So what have I been up to lately? I've been kicking it with Octavia and Meredith and just done stupid shit, drinking and been having fun. So glad I got to know these girls! I've also been celebrating my big brother Javs 21st by going to dinner at Yardhouse and after that going to Blue martini for a little bit. I've been keeping busy and took a placement test to see what English class I was gonna end up in and I actually ended up in the Advanced class and I start tomorrow, 9-2 monday-thursday for 2 weeks. At the same time I also have my marketing class on wednesday nights and I'll also be playing soccer thursday and friday nights so I will be really busy these upcoming weeks. Anyways here's some pictures from Jav's dinner, always a blast with these guys ♥ 

Father's Day ♥

Today it's Father's day in Sweden, so happy father's day to you pops ♥

 Thank you for always being there for me and supporting me and showing me unconditional love no matter what, through all of my brilliant and stupid decisions and actions. I'll forever be your little girl. I love you to the moon and back and I miss you so much. Hope you had the best day even tho you only got 1/3 kids at home!


I couldn't be happier that I'm able to call you one of my best friends. Even if we live so far away from each other now and don't talk every day, I still know exactly where I got you and that you'll always be there for me. I can't wait for you to come to Vegas and kick it with me and meet everyone I've gotten to know here. I love you more than word can ever explain and I hope you have a blast at Disneyand as the princess you are. See you soon babe ♥ 

Something on my mind tonight.

People will hurt you and leave you damaged for the next person who actually wants you. Still you have to keep your head up and believe in yourself, and in others. Believe that the next guy you meet won't screw you over. Believe that the next guy will think you're worth it, no matter what the circumstances may be. Believe that when you give himself your all, he will take you for who you are and he will keep you. That he will fight for you, to get to keep you. That he will never treat you bad or make you feel unwanted. That he will care about you, and not give a fuck about any other girl. That the only one he wants is you. And if he screws you over, then it wasn't meant to be. Then he's not the one and the one that will hands down do anything for you is still out there but just haven't found you yet. But he will, eventually, you just gotta have faith. 

We live in a society where people force themselves to shut off their feelings and become coldhearted just because they are scared to get hurt. We live in a society where it is more common with someone who will play you, then someone who is gonna be real to you. How fucked up is that? 

To all the hearbroken girls out there, don't rush it. You won't find love if you keep searching everywhere for it. Love will come to you and it will find you. In the meantime, be strong, keep your head up and don't let anybody tell you that you are nothing, because you are everything. You might be in a wierd or hard place right now, you might be at the bottom. But you know what? It can only get better. Figure out who of all of your friends are real. and then lean on them, they are always right by your side. Your close ones is always gonna be there for you. Family and friends. And just because you don't share the same blood, it doesn't mean that you can't consider that person family. Just because you don't live in the same city, it doesn't mean that that person won't be there for you. Learn who is real and surround yourself with them, throw the fake ones away. 

We are all gonna meet so much fake people that will give you fake love. I mean, how many people have you met during your life so far? 100? 1000? 10000? Think about it, and think about who is still in your life. Who never left your side even through the toughest times. They are the ones that are worth keeping.

And remember, I'm writing out of a girls perspective. I know that guys get fucked over all the time aswell by girls. What I just wrote, goes both ways, for guys and girls. So to everyone who reads this, be clear with the person you talk to. Always be kind and always be there for anyone who needs a shoulder to lean on. Believe in good karma and happy endings, believe in yourself and surround the people you care about with love, never take anyone for granted.♥ 

Little catch up

Here's some pictures from the weekend/week before Halloween, Abel visited from San Diego and we went to a rave that was pretty sick, I got thrown out but snuck back in because yeah, I am me. I also got to know Octavia and Phillip and went out with them and had so much fun. Thank you Abel for visiting and for the great weekend, come back soon♥  and thanks to everyone else that helped me destroy my liver during these two weeks!


Halloween was actually a success. I dressed up as a minion and it was actually a lot of people who liked it haha. Especially the night I went downtown to meet up with my swedish friend David. I've basically just been out almost every day for 2 weeks haha. This is all pictures from different nights out on the Halloweenweekend. I'm so thankful for all of my amazing friends. Shoutout to all of you and thank you for this years Halloween, it was lit!♥ 


Finally took myself the time to empty my gopro and make a little edit out of all the movies I filmed when my family was visiting. Even tho I've played around and had some arguments with my computer and the program for a couple of hours.. I'ts 4.30 here in Vegas and I need to get some sleep but I wanted to post this for you guys first. If you want to subscribe and like, much love&good night!♥


I've been working all day today, then I went to the outlets with Dez to get some workout clothes, only bought a pair of new pants since my favs broke a couple days ago. Tried them today on my chest and shoulder sesh at the gym and I like them a lot, they make my booty pop so can't really complain. I'm gonna be working a lot this week which means it's gonna be a lot of evening workouts and I'm not really a big fan of that cause I don't wanna take my PWO cuz I won't be able to sleep, plus the gym is always packed... But it is what it is, I'm really into my workouts right now and I feel like I'm killin' it every time. All I'm missing is a workout buddy.. Anyone?


My weekend has been really fun, I've been working but still going out and doing stuff during the night. Friday Dez and Legacy picked me up after I went to the gym and did back, we went to In n out then bowling with a bunch of guys and you know what? I actually killed it. I suck at bowling yet I'm always winning, if you've ever seen me bowl you would get what I'm talking about. After bowling we went and got some alcohol and went to Destinys house and played drinking games and everyone got so drunk and it was so much fun. Got home at 7 in the morning and sat outside and watched the sunrise. So pretty♥

Saturday I was working aaaaall day then I got convinced to go to Trilogy of terror and do the gates of hell and I've never been so scared in my life. Before you go in, you have to sign a paper which says that they are aloud to touch you, chock you and some other shit. I was soooo scared but still glad I made it through. After that we went to a little kickback and just chilled, it was a good weekend! xoxo

Lone Mountain

I did a hike a couple of days ago called Lone mountain and it was actually the perfect hike just to get outside for a bit and clear my head. The view as you guys can see, was so pretty. I did it the other day as a nighthike with some friends too, and the view at night was incredible too. All the lights over the city and the stars. Wow. Will definetly go back.

night thoughts

"Sad that it all comes down to timing; you could meet the most perfect person in the world for you but if the timing is off, it doesn't matter."

I got the world on my arm

I started my sleeve last sunday, I was in the studio for 6 hours and under the needle for 5 hours. I'm doing my sleeve piece by piece and this is my start. I already can't wait to go back and start filling up my arm even more. The place I'm going to is on Charleston and the girl that's doing my awesome work is Carrie Cameron. SHE IS THE BEST. Sorry for the shitty pictures, the tats are still healing and its hard to take a piture of your triceps on your own. I promise to get some good pictures for you once its starting to heal! For those who wonder, it is my brothers birthdays that the roman numerals are standing for. Love!


Went in to Forever21 the other day and found these pieces! The first two are workouthoodies and I am completely in love with them. The last one is a cute lil top that is perfect for both a chill night or going out depending on how you do your hair and makeup. Love it.



I have totally forgot to show you this jacket that i got from Britt, I'm so in love with it. Every time I was at her house I would always touch it and look at it and before I moved I helped her clean out her closet and she gave it to me. I am beyond thankful because I'm so in love with it and have already used it a lot as you probably can see in my earlier posts. 


Haha.. I'm kinda laughing at myself. Remember like a really long time ago I posted a Q/A session? Well I finally got the time to answer all of them..

Here we go!

Alyssa: what foundation do you use? your skin looks so good!!

Thank you! If I'm going out I often use my Makeup forever Ultra HD invisible cover foundation or my Lancome teing idole ultra 24hr foundation. I don't really like to wear makeup if I'm not going out but if i do just because I like the BareMinerals original foundation with SPF15 since I live where it's almost always sunny during the day!


A: Why did you move away from your last host family?

I loved where I lived, the location and everything and they are a super nice family and I wish them nothing but the best for them. We just didn't work together and was expecting different things from each other so it just didn't work out, simple as that.


Linn: Varför bestämde du dig för att flytta till USA? Hur gjorde du för att kunna åka och med vilket företag? :)/Why did you decide to move to USA? How did you do to go and with what company?:)

It was after my assault that I decided that I wanted to leave and just get away so I started to look up options to get away and be able to travel for a longer time. I looked up a couple of different locations like New Zeeland, England but decided that USA had the most to offer and that was the the place I was most curious about. I looked up a bunch of different au pair companies and did research on all of them and got to the conclusion that Cultural care au pair was my best option so thats the company that I'm here with!


Kate: So fun that you decided to write in English!! I love your blog and I got sick of google translate lol, anyways what do you normally eat for breakfast if you're going to the gym afterwards? What gym do you go to? What is your favorite workout? Do you take any supplements? Can you post some of your workouts on your blog sometime? xx!

Thank you Kate! If I'm going to the gym in the morning I usually have an breakfast smoothie along with my PWO. I go to Las Vegas Athletic clubs, LVAC, and I think my favorite workout is doing back. I take supplements, I have two different PWOs that I use (not both at the same time), I drink BCAA during my workout and have post workout protein shakes after the gym. I can't promise you anything but I will try and post some workout sometime. xoxo!


S: What kind of music do you listen to? Do you have any favorite songs? Who is your best friend? Do you miss Sweden? What did you do before you came to the states?

I listen to almost all kinds of music except for heavy metal. I love RnB&Hiphop and since I moved here to Vegas my friends have gotten me a lot into EDM aswell. I have a couple of favorite song, right now the latest songs on my playlist is:

The Chainsmokers-All we know,


Witt Lowry-Numb,

Major Lazer-Believer,

Travis Scott-Through the late night,


French Montana-Lockjaw

If you have spotify you can look up my account and see all my playlists, such as my normal playlist, sleep playlist, workout playlist and so on.

You can find my Spotify playlist that I listen to most here:



Sara: Favoritfilm? Favoritmat? Favoritdryck? Favoritplagg? Favoritserie? /Favorite movie, food, drink, piece of clothing, tv show?

Oh this is a hard one haha.. Favorite movie, I love disney movies, all of them haha. But Warior is always gonna be a fave too. Favorite drink is probably water or IPA haha. Fave piece of clothing is jeans or yogapants and favorite show is definetly greys anatomy!


en tjej: saknar du din familj mke? och kan du visa hur du gör ditt smink nån gång? vardags och till fest?/do you miss your family a lot? and can you show how you do your makeup sometime? casual makeup and going out makeup?

Of course I miss my family a lot. Especially after spending two weeks with them here and I have to start all over again. And yeah I can try to do either a picture tutorial or a video tutorial sometime when I'm bored and have time to do it!


Anonymous: Are you single or do you have a boyfriend?

Yes I am single aka I don't have a boyfriend.


hairfreak: What kind of hair extensions have you tried? Which one would you recommend? Do you use extensions now? Any tips on how to make your hair grow longer faster?

I have tried clip-on extension, microrings and the glued in ones. I'm not sure, I wouldn't recommend the glued in ones since you lose a lot off hair taking them out and you really need to take care of them. And since I love working out I don't really want extensions at the gym so I would probably recommend the clip-on ones, but if you wan't extensions everyday I would recommend something you don't have to take in and out all the time. I don't use extensions now. Just take care of your hair, give yourself scalpmassages in the shower when you put your shampoo in it. That's what I do and I try not to use any products or tools in my hair unless I'm going out except for moroccan oil for my hair. I also do a treatment in the shower one a week!


vic: What kind of cameras do you use for pictures to your blog and videos?

I have my GoPro LCD+, my Samsung camera which is getting old by now, I like it since it has wifi and I can transfer pictures directly to my phone but it's time for me to invest in a newer one, soon. I mostly just use my Iphone to be honest haha. 


Emma: Vad får du mest komplimanger över? Hur många tatueringar har du och var är dem? Hur många är ni i din familj? Har du syskon och hur gamla är dem isåfall? Favorithögtid? Älskar din blogg!!:)/What do you get most compliments for? How many tattoos do you have and where are they? How many are you in your family? Do you have any siblings and how old are they? Favorite holiday? Love your blog!!:)

Thank you Emma! I think I get most compliments about my eyes and accent here in America haha. I have 4 tattoos, a heart on my foot, a diamond on my wrist, a text on my forearm and roman numerals on my legs. We are 5 people in my family, mommi, daddiyo, my older brother who is 21 and my bbybrother who is 7. I think my favorite holiday is Christmas, only because we always meet up with all our relatives and family and just have a cozy and really fun time together!


MJ: Vilken färg på håret gillar du bäst? Villa hårfärger har du haft? Skulle du rekommendera din gymnasielinje? Vad får man lära sig på stylist med spa? Vad saknar du mest med Sverige? Vem saknar du just nu? Vad ser du fram emot? Vilka länder har du besökt? Hur många stater i USA har du varit i? Haha så random frågor men men/What color on hair do you like the best? What colors have you had? Would you recommend the school/class you went to? What do you get to learn in the program you took at school? What do you miss most about Sweden? Who do you miss right now? What are you looking forward to? Which countries have you been to? How many states in America have you been to? Haha so random questions but.

On myself, i prefer blond. On others, I'm a big fan of hazelbrown hair. I've had all different kinds of colors, blonde, black, all shades of brown, pink, I even had grey hair for a while when a coloring session went wrong when I was younger hahah. I would definetly recommend the program I took at my school back home. You get to learn makeup, manicures and pedicures, all different kinds of spatreatments, hairstyling, styling in general and so much more. I loved it and miss it a lot! The thing I miss most about Sweden is my friends and family. Who I miss? Except for everyone back home I miss all of my friends in SLO and Cali. Right now I'm looking forward to NYE, I don't know yet for sure what I'm gonna do but I know it's gonna be lit. I've been to: USA, Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Spain, Russia, Thailand, Norway and of course Sweden. I might have forgotten some haha.. I've been at the airport on a bunch of different countries for layovers but I don't really think that counts. So far I've been to, Cali, Nevada, Washington (layover), New York, Hawaii and Alaska. (2 really old pictures below haha..)


-: Du får bara välja 1 av de 2 alternativen för resten av ditt liv.. Vad väljer du? Hallon/lakrits? Film/serie? Vatten/mjölk? Öl/vin? Kött/sallad? Kyckling/fisk? Sommar/vinter? Hatt/keps? Facebook/instagram? Kladdkaka/cheesecake? Chips/godis? Springa/gymma? Pedikyr/manikyr? Sminka dig/fixa håret? Tatueringar/piercings? Sola/bada? Få nära vänner/många bekanta? Bo i en husbil/bo på en båt? Bar/klubb? Tack för en underbar blogg, så kul att du börjat blogga igen! Puss / You can only choose 1 out of the 2 alternatives for the rest of your life.. What do you choose? Raspberry/Liqorice? Movie/TV-show? Water/Milk? Beer/Wine? Meat/Salad? Chicken/Fish? Summer/Winter? Hat/Cap? Facebook/Instagram? Mudcake/Cheesecake? Chips/Candy? Cardio/Lifting weights? Pedicure/Manicure? Makeup/Hairstyling? Tattoos/Piercings? Sunbathing/Swimming? A few close friends/A lot of casual friends? Live in a trailer/live on a boat? Bar/Club? Thanks for a great blog, so much fun that you started blogging again! Kisses

Raspberry/Liqorice, Movie/TV-show,  Water/Milk,  Beer/Wine,  Meat/Salad,  Chicken/Fish,  Summer/Winter,  Hat/Cap,  Facebook/Instagram,  Mudcake/Cheesecake,  Chips/Candy, Cardio/Lifting weights,  Pedicure/Manicure,  Makeup/Hairstyling,  Tattoos/Piercings, Sunbathing/Swimming

These ones are the ones I would choose!

Hope you all liked this session! Let me know if there's anything else you want to know, hugs! xx

Newww in - beauty

Catching up on stuff I haven't showed you. This is a lot of new stuff I've got on the beauty front. Any questions about anything or about any colors, drop a comment and I'll get back to you!

Vacay part 2, SF-LA

Okay, are you guys ready for part 2 now? After Yosemite, we drove up to San Fransisco. I only spent 1 night there before I flew down to SLO friday morning to spend a couple of extra days with my friends, what we did? We drank, and drank and then drank some more. My family came down to SLO on that monday and stayed one night and we went out to dinner at the new SLO Brew, I liked it a lot and I can't belive I lived in that beautiful little town, it's a second home for sure and I can't wait to go back already. 

After my parents stayed in SLO for one night it was time for us to drive down to LA. The first day we went to Universal studios:

I'm gonna try and put together a movie from all the clips that I filmed with my gopro aswell, but that'll have to wait. That's enough pictures from Universal. We also rented a Mustang and drove around in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica and Venice Beach and the last night we went out for dinner in Manhattan beach. I had so much fun with my family and I already miss them like crazy. 

It was a really hard an emotional goodbye once again. Just the fact that I have absolutely no clue of when I'm going to see them again makes everything so much harder. We separated on the shuttle to the airport and I could not hold back the tears when they got off. The worst part is missing out on my babybrother growing up, he has already gotten sooo big and it had only been 8 months. I 'm still not sure about my future or when I'm going back to Sweden, but I really do love it in the states and I got 3 different places I call home. Slo, Vegas and Sweden. 

Vacay part 1, Vegas - Yosemite

Prepare yourself for pictures in this post.. My whole vacay with my family is coming up but I have too much pictures so I have to make it in Part 1 and part 2.. Part 1 is starting with our 2 nights in Vegas, staying at Ballys where we were drinking and playing by the pool, went up the linq, walked the strip and watched the fountains, went out to dinner and went shopping at the outlets among other things.

After our two days in Vegas, we drove up to Mammoth lake and stayed one night there. I just have to say it was incredibly beautiful and I will for sure go snowboarding there one day. I have to, it was so pretty. 

After Mammoth lake, we drove to Yosemite;

Okay, this is all for now.. Vacay part 1, from Vegas to Yosemite. Part 2 from SF-LA coming up soon on le blog!


Newwww - clothes

Purple bodysuit from Tillys, Nude 3/4 sleeve shirt from Forever 21. 

Lace bodysuit from Styles for less. It is all lace in the back which I love about it.

T-shirt and striped croptop from Ever, yellow/brown croptop from Forever 21.

Cuz everyone need some red in their life, from VS.

Brown romper from Ever.

White croptop and earrings from H&M.

SO in love with this sportsbra, from H&M. My new fave. 

I bought all of this like last month but yeah since I haven't been blogging, here it is! 

LIB - day 1 outfit



This weekend I went to Life is beautiful, a festival here in Vegas. I saw Major Lazer, G-easy, Mija, J-cole, Iration, Flume and a bunch of other. I had so much fun and I'm so happy my friends convinced me to go. Here is some pictures from the weekend, lots of love♥ ;


28 september

Two months has passed since my last post. I've been up to a lot of stuff since you heard from me last. I got my phone stolen along with my drivers license and debit card, idiots. I've had my parents here and we've been traveling around. Spent two days with them here in Vegas at Ballys then we drove to Mammoth lake and spent one night there. After that we spent a whole day at Yosemite national park and after that we drove up to San Fransisco. I only spent one night there before I flew down to SLO for the weekend. The fam also came to slo for one night and then we spent a couple of nights in LA before we separated again. Another hard goodbye with no idea of when I get to see them next time. Down in LA we went to Hollywood, Universal studios and an amusement park aswell. Had so much fun with them and my bbybrother. I'm gonna try and set up some posts for you guys with pictures for you guys. xoxo/O